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Zirconium Corundum ramming mass is composed of fused zirconium corundum granules by oxidation method and a small amount of additives. It has the characteristics of atmospheric temperature hardening, high strength at high temperatures, low thermal expansion and shrinkage, and strong resistance to glass liquid erosion. It is the ideal material for sealing the layer at the bottom of the glass furnace molten pool.

Zirconium corundum ramming mass parameters

Maximum Grain Size  mm50.60.4
ZrO2  %≥30
Al2O3  %≥48
SiO2  %≤20
Bulk Density  g/cm33.23.13.1
Phase Compositionα-Al2O、Bshiaddeleyite、Quartz、Glass phase
Apparent Porosity  %3≤20
Compression Strength  MPa  1400℃×3h≥25

Application of zirconium corundum ramming mass

Zirconium corundum ramming mass can be used in the power generation industry, machinery manufacturing, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, construction industry, steel industry, etc.

What testing equipment does Rongsheng have?

  1. Load softening temperature detection equipment
  2. Thermal stability testing equipment
  3. Chemical indicator testing equipment
  4. Compressive strength testing equipment
  5. Apparent porosity testing equipment
  6. High-temperature creep test equipment
  7. Sample drying equipment

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