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Lightweight clay insulation bricks are high-quality insulation materials. It can be used in the kiln to achieve rapid heating and cooling, reduce the weight of the furnace body, save fuel, and reduce production costs.

A brief introduction to lightweight clay insulation bricks

Lightweight clay insulation bricks have high porosity, which can reach 40-85%, have a porous structure, and strong thermal insulation.

light weight fireclay insulation brick

Parameters of lightweight clay insulation bricks

Bulk Density  g/cm3≤1.5≤1.3≤1.2≤1.0≤0.8≤0.6≤0.5
Cold Crush Strength,MPa≥6≥5≥4.5≥3.5≥2.5≥1.3≥1.0
Permanent Linear Change Rate %Cold Crush Strength, MPa
Thermal Conductivity W/(m·K)

Lightweight clay insulation bricks features

  1. Low thermal conductivity
  2. High strength
  3. Corrosion resistance
  4. Low heat capacity
  5. Low shrinkage
  6. Efficient insulation
  7. Low bulk density
  8. High porosity

Application of lightweight clay bricks

  • Construction and maintenance of furnaces, kilns, heating furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, and other high-temperature equipment.
  • Maintenance and transformation of high-temperature equipment in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, machinery manufacturing, and other industries.
  • Thermal insulation materials and thermal insulation materials, such as high-temperature pipeline insulation, steel structure insulation, industrial chimney insulation, etc.
  • Applications in some special fields, such as nuclear power, aerospace, photovoltaic cells, etc.

Types of insulation bricks

  1. Clay thermal insulation brick: It is made of clay and pottery clay as the main raw materials, and has good thermal insulation performance and fire resistance.
  2. Mullite thermal insulation brick: It is made of mullite and expansion agent as the main raw materials, with low density and good thermal insulation performance.
  3. High alumina insulation brick: made of high aluminate and alumina as the main raw materials, it has high fire resistance and heat preservation performance.
  4. Alumina bubble brick: with alumina hollow ball and other fillers as the main raw material, it is made by a high-temperature sintering process, with low density and good thermal insulation performance

Transportation of clay insulation bricks

clay insulation bricks
clay insulation bricks

Rongsheng factory will start production immediately after receiving the order. If it is a standard product, it will be ready for delivery within 7-12 days. If it is a customized product, it may take longer.

Clay insulation brick delivery

How to customize clay insulation bricks?

We support customized clay bricks, you can send us your product design drawings and our refractory engineers will customize the production plan.

Relevant certificate

Rongsheng insulation brick has good quality and has received unanimous praise from customers. The refractory material factory has 20 years of export experience, complete certificates, and a guaranteed reputation.


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