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Sillimanite is a natural high-grade refractory mineral, which has the characteristics of low thermal expansion rate, corrosion resistance of metallurgical slag and various glass liquids, and good high-temperature wear resistance. Sillimanite brick’s physical and chemical properties are better than high-alumina bricks, with a refractoriness of 1770-1830°C and a load softening starting point of 1500-1650°C.

sillimanite brick
sillimanite brick

Sillimanite bricks details

Al2O3  %≥60≥65
SiO2  %≤36.5≤32.5
Fe2O3  %≤1.0≤0.8
Bulk density g/cm3≥2.45≥2.50
Apparent porosity %≤16≤16
Normal temperature compressive strength  MPa≥80≥90
0.2MPa Load softening start temperature  ℃≥1640

Advantages of sillimanite bricks

sillimanite brick
sillimanite brick
  1. Thermal expansion rate. Sillimanite is a natural high-grade refractory mineral with extremely low thermal expansion
  2. High softening temperature under load. The starting point of softening under load is 1500°C-1650°C, with good thermal stability at high temperature
  3. Strong slag resistance. Resistance to metallurgical slag and various glass liquids
  4. Chemical corrosion resistance. Little pollution to glass liquid

What equipment is needed to produce sillimanite bricks?

sillimanite bricks
sillimanite bricks

Forming system.Using a hydraulic press, a computer control program for molding.

Ingredients system. According to the ratio, automatic batching and accurate weighing.

Mixing system. Use a mixer with an inclined angle to mix evenly without dead ends.

Firing system. Adopt an ultra-high temperature tunnel kiln that can reach 1800℃.

Application of sillimanite bricks

sillimanite refractory bricks
sillimanite refractory bricks

It is mainly used for the molding of glass pool kiln flow holes, blast furnace lining, furnace throat, and ceramic industrial kiln furniture. The refractory materials primarily composed of natural sillimanite also have these advantages. Therefore, sillimanite refractories are widely used in metallurgy, chemical, and building materials industries.

Support customized sillimanite refractory bricks

Sillimanite refractory brick is an important refractory material for glass kilns. Rongsheng can customize refractory bricks of different shapes. If you need special-shaped refractory bricks, you need to send us the size and drawing of the bricks and we will produce them.

special shaped sillimanite bricks
special shaped sillimanite bricks

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