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A calcium silicate board is a common insulation material, also known as a calcium silicate insulation board. It is a plate-shaped material made of calcium silicate as the main raw material, which has good thermal insulation and heat insulation properties.

calcium silicate fire board
Calcium silicate fire board

Physical and chemical indicators of calcium silicate insulation board

Calcium Silicate ProductsRS-CS650RS-CS1000
Compressive strength(MPa)≥0.35≥0.35
Thermal conductivity (average temperature 70 ℃) W/m.k 
Maximum temperature(℃)6501000
Linear shrinkage(%) 
It can be processed into a shell and tube or curved panels according to customer requirements

Calcium silicate insulation board characteristics

calcium silicate board suppliers
calcium silicate board suppliers

Lightweight material

The calcium silicate insulation board is relatively light, which is convenient for handling and installation.

Excellent thermal insulation performance

Calcium silicate insulation board has low thermal conductivity, which can effectively reduce heat conduction and provide a good thermal insulation effect.

High compressive strength

Calcium silicate insulation board has high compressive strength, can withstand large external loads, and increases the structural strength of the building.

Environmentally friendly and harmless

Calcium silicate insulation board is made of inorganic materials, is non-toxic and harmless, and has no pollution to the human body and environment.

Application of calcium silicate board

Mainly used in electric power, metallurgy, petrochemical, aluminum, and other industrial thermal equipment and backing insulation for pipelines.

High-quality calcium silicate board

Rongsheng factory will go through strict testing after the production of products to ensure the quality of refractory materials.

calcium silicate board delivery
calcium silicate board delivery

Rongsheng refractory material supplier

Rongsheng has been established for 20 years, exported to 80+ countries, and has 1000+ customers. The Rongsheng factory produces 80,000 tons of refractory bricks and 50,000 tons of unshaped refractory materials every year. The hot-selling products include high-alumina bricks, magnesia-chrome bricks, andalusite bricks, and ceramics fiber blankets. Widely used in the steel industry, ironmaking industry, non-ferrous metal industry, glass industry, and electric power industry.


Relevant certificates for refractory insulation materials

certificates for refractory insulation materials
certificates for refractory insulation materials

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    1. Required Calcium Silicate board
      8*4*10mm quantity 100 piece