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The main component of acid-resistant brick is silica, which forms a large amount of mullite when roasted at high temperatures, which is a substance with high acid resistance. Because the acid-resistant bricks have a tight structure and low water absorption, they can also be used at room temperature. Resistant to alkaline media of any concentration, but not resistant to high-temperature molten alkali.

acid-resistant bricks
acid-resistant bricks

Physical and chemical indicators of acid-resistant bricks

indexSpecial acid-resistant bricksLightweight acid-resistant bricks
Bulk density (g/m3)1.6-1.81.0-1.3
Cold crushing strength (Mpa) ≥1510
Thermal conductivity (W/mk) ≤0.650.45
Water absorption (%) ≤15Working surface 5
Acid resistance rate (%) ≤9897
Operating temperature (℃) ≤10001000

Characteristics of acid-resistant brick

acid brick
acid brick
  1. Good acid resistance.
  2. Good corrosion resistance and impact resistance.
  3. Low water absorption and low apparent porosity.
  4. High strength and wear resistance.
  5. High mechanical strength.
  6. Good thermal shock resistance.
  7. High-temperature resistance.

Acid-proof brick application

Acid-resistant bricks are widely used in thermal power plant flues, chimney linings, coke oven roofs, cold coke towers, storage tanks and coke screening system sliding coke trough linings, anti-corrosion devices, acid-resistant pools, acid-resistant floors, wear-resistant floors thermal power, coking, Chemical industry and other industries.

Acid-resistant ceramic tiles and acid-resistant bricks

We have two types of acid-resistant bricks. acid-resistant ceramic tiles and acid-resistant bricks. In addition, the size of acid-resistant products can be customized. In addition, if necessary, you can come to the factory for a visit.

acid-resistant brick delivery
acid-resistant brick delivery

Rongsheng refractory materials manufacturer

Rongsheng is a refractory material supplier with 20 years of production experience. It has its own factory in China. Its main export products are high alumina bricks, magnesia carbon bricks, nozzle bricks, and mullite insulation bricks. They are mainly used in the steel industry and metallurgy. Industry, ceramic industry, electric power industry, etc.

acid proof bricks manufactory
acid proof bricks manufactory

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