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High alumina refractory brick is a silicic acid refractory material, the softening temperature under load is 1420-1550°C, and the load temperature will increase with the increase of the ratio of aluminum to silicon.

high alumina refractory bricks
high alumina refractory brick

Advantages of high alumina bricks

High alumina bricks have good resistance to acid and alkaline slag, corrosion and oxidation of molten metal, and reduction reactivity, and have good thermal shock resistance, but are lower than clay.

refractory brick display

Three grades of high alumina refractory bricks

  • The Al2O3 content of the first-grade high alumina brick is >75%
  • The Al2O3 content of the secondary high alumina brick is 60-75%
  • The Al2O3 content of the third-grade high-alumina brick is 48-60%
high alumina refractory bricks
high alumina refractory bricks

High alumina fire bricks index

High Alumina Refractory Brick Physical and Chemical Index:
Al2O3 (%)80≥75≥65≥55≥48
Refractoriness  (°C )≥1790≥1790≥1790≥1770≥1750
Bulk density  (g/cm3)2.652.52.452.42.3
Softening temperature under load  (°C )1530≥1520≥1500≥1470≥1420
Reheating Linear changes Rate (%)1500°CX2H0.
Apparent porosity (%)22≤23≤23≤22≤22
Cold crushing strength (Mpa)55≥50≥45≥40≥35
high alumina fire bricks index

Features of high alumina brick

  • High refractory temperature
  • Good strength
  • Chemical corrosion resistance
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Long service life
  • Wear-resistant

Application of high alumina brick

application of high alumina brick
application of high alumina brick

High alumina bricks are mainly used for the masonry lining of blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, electric furnace roofs, blast furnaces, reverberatory furnaces, and rotary kilns.

Customized aluminum fire brick

The refractory material factory supports customized aluminum fire bricks. You can send us the size or design drawings of your aluminum fire brick, and we will evaluate them and then make a production plan for you.

alumina refractory bricks
alumina refractory bricks

About Rongsheng factory

Aluminum fire bricks certificate

Rongsheng has complete certificates and can provide relevant product quality inspection reports when exporting alumina bricks. The factory strictly controls the quality of refractory bricks.


About customers

Our factory welcomes buyers of refractory bricks and refractory materials to visit us. We will warmly welcome you. At the same time, if customers have needs, our engineering technicians will also go to the customer’s construction site to provide guidance and are committed to solving practical difficulties for customers.

About customers
About customers

Get a quote for alumina bricks

    1. Provide product-related inspection certificates

    2. Product appearance can be customized

    3. samples can be provided

    4. Provide detailed refractory solutions

    Q: What is the refractory temperature of high alumina bricks?

    A: Can reach above 1770℃

    Q: Where are high alumina bricks produced?

    A: Henan, China

    Q: What refractory materials does the company have?

    A: Refractory bricks, insulation materials, refractory raw materials, and monolithic refractory materials

    Q: How to choose high alumina brick?

    A: Choose different high alumina bricks according to different service conditions, service temperature, chemical composition, and other factors.

    Q: What is the maintenance method of high alumina bricks?

    A:High alumina bricks require regular inspection and maintenance to keep the furnace clean, and replace damaged bricks in time according to usage conditions to prolong the service life.

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