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High-alumina castable is an amorphous refractory material composed of bauxite clinker (aggregate), binder, and admixture. It can be used directly after adding water and stirring and is formed by vibration casting. High-aluminum castables need a certain amount of time for setting and hardening after construction, so they need to be cured for a certain period before they can be de-molded after casting.

High alumina refractory castable details

Al2O3 %6575
Refractoriness     ℃17501770
Linear Dimensional Change   %-0.02-0.4
Cold Crushing Strength MPa  ≥110℃×24h5060
Breaking Strength MPa ≥110℃×24h911
Maximum Service Temperature  ℃12001400
castable refractory physical and chemical indicators

Castable refractory features

  1. Anti-penetration
  2. Corrosion resistance
  3. Shock resistance
  4. Anti-wear
  5. Good mechanical properties
  6. Furnace structure integrity is strong
  7. Excellent air tightness
  8. Extend the life of the kiln
  9. Saving furnace maintenance costs

How high alumina castable is produced?

High-alumina castables are based on traditional ingredients, reducing the amount of cement and adding different admixtures, thereby improving product performance, increasing temperature strength and load softening temperature, reducing thermal conductivity, and allowing high-alumina casting. The thermal stability of the material is better.

video of castable factory

Application of high alumina castable

application of high refractory alumina castable
application of high refractory alumina castable

High alumina refractory castables are suitable for kilns, blast furnaces hot blast stoves, heating furnaces, boilers, and cement kilns.

Packaging of high aluminum low cement castables

Castable materials are generally packaged in 25kg small bags and then placed in large-ton bags to facilitate packaging and transportation.

high aluminum low cement castables
high aluminum low cement castables

Casting material-related certificate


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