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Magnesia ramming material is an alkaline amorphous refractory material made of high-purity fused magnesia/sintered magnesia as raw material, plus ultra-fine powder and additives. It has corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, good volume stability, load softening High temperature, convenient construction, etc., and is mainly used for new lining, repair, and caulking of iron and steel metallurgical furnaces.

Magnesia ramming mass parameters

MgO  %≥90≥95
Cr2O3  %≥2 
Bulk Density  g/cm3  110℃×24h≥2.8≥2.85
Cold Crush Strength  MPa  110℃×24h≥30≥40
Grain Size  mm0~5
Bonding TypeChemical ceramic bonding
Physical and chemical indicators of magnesium ramming

Magnesia Ramming Mass scope of application

Magnesium ramming materials can be used as lining materials for open-hearth furnaces, converter lining repairs, steel hole filling materials, and building materials.

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Rongsheng refractory
Rongsheng refractory

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