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Refractory plastic is made of pure raw materials with low iron and low impurity content through reasonable grading and high-efficiency admixture. It has high fire resistance, good abrasion resistance, strong thermal shock resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and other excellent characteristics. It can be divided into different materials according to the raw materials used.

Refractory plastic physical and chemical indicators

refractory plastic physical and chemical indicators
refractory plastic physical and chemical indicators

Refractory plastic features

1. High-temperature strength

2. Good thermal stability

3. Low thermal conductivity

4. Good peeling resistance

5. Long service life

6. Save energy

Application of refractory plastic

Refractory plastics are widely used in lining high-temperature industrial furnaces such as masonry heating, soaking, and heat treatment.
It has the characteristics of convenient construction, rapid repair, high strength and wear resistance, good thermal shock performance, no cracks, and good sealing performance.

our service

Rongsheng refractory supplier
Rongsheng refractory supplier
  1. Support factory visit
  2. Support product customization
  3. Good after-sales service
  4. Designated refractory solutions
  5. Samples can be provided
  6. The fastest delivery

Refractory plastic transportation

The goods will generally be shipped out within 7-12 days, and special customized products have a long period of time.

refractory plastic delivery
refractory plastic delivery

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