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Zirconia power is a fine powder made from zirconium dioxide, a white, hard ceramic material. Zirconia powder is a versatile material with a wide range of applications. It is a hard, wear-resistant material that is also resistant to corrosion. Zirconium oxide powder is an important material in a variety of industries, including abrasives, ceramics, metalworking, nuclear power, and water filtration.

Zirconia powder physical and chemical indicators

(1)Yttrium Stabilized Polycrystalline Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

ZrO2  wt%84.3~84.790.6~91.086~86.4
Y2O3  wt%5.18~5.228.6~9.013.3~13.7
Al2O3  ppm<1000.05~0.45(wt%)0.05~0.45(wt%)
Fe2O3  ppm<50<50<50
SiO2  ppm<200<200<200
TiO2  ppm<50<50<50
Na2O  ppm<50<50<50
K2O  ppm<100<100<100
CeO  ppm<100<100<100
MgO  ppm<100<100<100
Cr  ppm<500<500<500
BET  m2/g5~3010~3210~32
Granularity  D50 μm<0.5
Apparent Density  g/cm31.15~1.25

(2) Partially Stabilized Zirconia(PSZ)and Zirconia Toughened Alumina(ZTA)

ZrO2  wt%86~8813.5~14.518~2027.4~29.4
Y2O3  wt%//1~1.21.4~1.6
CaO  %<0.01
MgO  %<0.01
CeO2  %12~1484.5~85.5//
Al2O3  %<0.0179.5~80.569.5~70.5
SiO2  %<0.015
Fe2O3  %<0.002
TiO2  %<0.005
Na2O  %<0.001
Cr  %<0.02
D50  μm0.5~1
Lgloss  %<1.0

(3) High Purity Ultrafine Zirconia Powder

ZrO2  wt%≥99.7
Y2O3  wt%/
Al2O3  ppm<100
Fe2O3  ppm<50
SiO2  ppm<200
TiO2  ppm<100
Na2O  ppm<50
K2O  ppm<100
CeO  ppm<100
MgO  ppm<100
Cr  ppm<500
BET  m2/g5~15
Granularity  D50 μm<0.5
Apparent Density   g/cm30.5~1.0

1.Q:Do you provide samples?
A:Yes, we can provide samples

2.Q:Can the product be customized?
A:We support customization, you can send us your plan and physical and chemical indicators, and we will formulate a complete production plan.

3.Q:Where is the place of origin?
A:From Zhengzhou, Henan, China

4.Q:How to pack
A:Zirconia powder is bagged

5.Q:How do you control your quality?
A:During the production process, we have a complete chemical composition quality control system. After production, all goods will be tested, and a quality certificate will be issued with the goods.

6.Q:Can we visit your company?
A:Yes, of course. You are very welcome to China and we will be honored to have a client and friend.

7.Q:What is your delivery time?
A:Depending on the quantity of products purchased, the general time is 7-12 days. If it is a customized product, it may take longer.

8.Q:How to get a quotation?
A:You can contact us directly through the contact information on the website, or leave a message in the contact form on the website, and we will send you a product quotation as soon as possible.

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    1. soheil saffary

      I am from Iran and I intend to import ZrO2 powder with dental grade from China for sale in Iran. I also own a dental prosthesis laboratory in Iran. I need a small batch of the ZrO2 powder dental grade to test. If it works in the laboratory I will order big batches. Can you send me a small batch?


    2. Hyunsung Kim

      Hello, I am inquiring about a quotation for 3 mol% Y2O3 stabilized zirconia powder (3Y-TPZ).

      I am interested in the average particle size and the price of the product.

      We plan to use it for research purposes, and if the price is reasonable, we are considering a bulk purchase.

      Please provide information on both small quantity and bulk pricing, as well as particle sizes. Thank you.