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Ceramic fiber cloth is a type of insulation made from ceramic fibers. It is a lightweight, flexible, and non-combustible material that can withstand high temperatures. Ceramic fiber cloth is made from a mixture of alumina, silica, and other materials that are melted and then spun into fibers. The fibers are then woven together to form a cloth-like material. Ceramic fiber cloth is available in a variety of thicknesses, densities, and temperature ratings.

Ceramic fiber cloth parameters

Classification temperature  ℃1260
NameCeramic Fiber clothCeramic Fiber tape
Main materialCeramic fiber/glass fiberCeramic fiber/stainless steel wireCeramic fiber/glass fiberCeramic fiber/stainless steel wire
Theoretical bulk density  kg/m3500
Size  mm30000×1000×2/330000×50/75×2/3
Moisture content  %≤2
Long term service temperature ℃65010506001050
Organic content,%≤15
Ceramic fiber cloth parameters

Application range of ceramic fiber cloth

  1. Kiln, flue lining; high-temperature pipeline heat insulation.
  2. The furnace door and valve are used for sealing.
  3. Used as fire door and fire shutter fabric.
  4. Engine and instrument heat insulation.
  5. Fireproof cable covering material, high-temperature fireproof material.
  6. Used for roof fire protection and roof fire protection of buildings.
  7. Fire prevention of cables and optical cables.

How to customize ceramic fiber cloth?

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