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The main content of silicon carbide bricks is SIC, and its content reaches 72%-99%. Silicon carbide bricks can be combined with clay, oxide, and silicon nitride in different ways. The characteristics of its response and the industry of application are also different.

Silicon carbide brick

ItemBonding Type
ClayMulliteSiO2Si3N4Sialonβ-SiCR-SiCSiliconizing reaction
SiC  %>85>70≥90≥72≥71≥94≥99≥80
Si3N4  %///≥20////
Al2O3  %////≥5///
Si  %////≥5.5(N)//12~18
Bulk Density  g/cm32.5~2.62.55~2.652.6~2.7≥2.65≥2.65≥2.63≥2.65≥3.0
Apparent porosity  %≤20≤16≤15≤16≤16≤17≤15≤0.5
Flexural strength at room temperature  MPa≥20≥25≥25≥45≥45≥30≥90≥220
Flexural strength at high temperature  MPa 1400℃///≥45≥45≥30≥90≥240
Cold Crushing strength  MPa≥100≥100≥120≥160≥150≥140≥300≥800

Features of silicon carbide bricks

  1. Corrosion resistance
  2. Slightly large
  3. Good thermal conductivity
  4. Strong impact resistance
  5. Low thermal expansion coefficient is a high-quality high-temperature resistant material

Application of silicon carbide brick

silicon carbide brick
silicon carbide brick
  1. Used in the metallurgical industry
    In the metallurgical industry, it is mainly used in aluminum melting furnaces for aluminum alloy smelting, secondary tuyere bricks for blast furnaces, etc.
  2. Used in the power industry
    In the power industry, it is mainly used in boilers and is set at the nozzle of the boiler combustion chamber.
  3. Used in the waste disposal industry
    Silicon carbide bricks can also be used in waste incinerators

Rongsheng company introduction

About Rongsheng Group
About Rongsheng Group

Rongsheng Company is a professional supplier of refractory materials, with 10 years of export experience, exporting to more than 80 countries. The main products of Rongsheng Company include various refractory bricks, unshaped refractory materials, metallurgical materials, thermal insulation materials, and so on.

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