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Alumina magnesia carbon bricks, referred to as AMC bricks, are non-burning refractory products made of several raw materials such as magnesia, high-alumina aggregates, and carbon materials through crushing, mixing, molding, and drying. Alumina-magnesia-carbon bricks are based on the addition of MgO-containing components on the basis of aluminum-carbon refractory materials. During the heating process, spinel is formed to ensure that the material has a good residual thermal expansion, which can make the joints of lining bricks dense and reduce slag penetration.

AMC brick’s physical and chemical indicators

Features of aluminum magnesia carbon brick

  • Spinelized expansion brings high resistance to molten iron penetration.
  • Excellent slag resistance (spinel absorbs FeO solid solution, Al2O3 absorbs CaO in slag to block pores and increase melt viscosity).
  • high mechanical strength.

Application of aluminum magnesia carbon brick

Alumina magnesia carbon bricks are mainly used on the ladle wall and bottom. The ladle refractory material needs to meet the requirements of high-temperature resistance, thermal shock resistance, slag erosion resistance, and sufficient high-temperature mechanical strength, and the refractory material needs to have certain expansion properties. Alumina-magnesia-carbon bricks can meet the standards of these ladle bricks, and the production process is simple, the physical and chemical properties are excellent, and there is no pollution to the environment. It is also widely used in various metallurgical furnaces and kilns.

Aluminum magnesia carbon brick supplier

Rongsheng refractory brick delivery
Rongsheng refractory brick delivery

We are a supplier of refractory materials, which can supply magnesia refractory bricks, corundum bricks, insulation bricks, high alumina bricks, and other unshaped refractory materials.

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