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Checker bricks are a heat storage carrier used in thermal equipment. They are mainly used in the middle and upper parts of the regenerator of hot blast furnaces to store heat. In the process of heating cold air into hot air, the regenerator is the most important part of the hot blast furnace, so the checker bricks are also critical.

Types of checker bricks

Checker bricks of different materials
Checker bricks of different materials

According to the technical requirements of different temperature zones, high alumina bricks, siliceous checker bricks, and clay bricks are generally used. In some hot blast stoves, mullite bricks, and sillimanite bricks are also selected.

High alumina checker refractory bricks

high alumina checker refractory bricks
high alumina checker refractory bricks
Brand indexDRL-135DRL-145DRL-150DRL-165DRL-155DRL-48
Al2O3, % ≥707580655548
refractoriness℃ ≥179017901790179017701750
Normal temperature compressive strength MPa ≥202019242424
Normal temperature compressive strength MPa ≥6570804944.139.2
Reheat line change rate % ≥±0.1±0.1±0.1+0.1~-0.4+0.1~-0.4+0.1~-0.4
0.2MPaLoad softening start temperature ℃ ≥150015501650150014701420
High-temperature creep rate % ≤0.6 1350℃×50h0.60.7
high alumina checker refractory bricks

Silica refractory checker brick

silica refractory checker brick
silica refractory checker brick
projectGeneral silica brickSilica bricks for hot blast stove
牌号 GZ-95GZ-94GZ-93Vault furnace bricksChecker brick
Fe2O3 ≤
Fire resistance temperature ℃ ≥1710171016901710171017101710
0.2MpaLoad softening start temperature℃ RUL≥ 16501640
Apparent porosity AP% ≤22232522222222
Normal temperature compressive strength CCS MPa≥ 29.424.519.635403035
True Density g/cm3≥2.372.382.392.35
High temperature creep rate %≤ 0.8
Thermal expansion rate %≤ 1.26

How to choose checker bricks?

checker brick
checker brick

The selection of checker bricks has a great influence on the operation of the hot blast stove. The working effect and heat transfer efficiency of the regenerator are closely related to the size, shape, and brick quantity of the checker brick holes. Here are some factors to consider when choosing checkered tiles

  1. Checker brick has the largest heating area per unit volume
  2. There should be an amount of bricks suitable for the heating area to store heat to ensure that it does not cause an excessive drop in wind temperature within a certain range.
  3. Cause airflow disturbance as much as possible, maintain a high flow rate, and increase convective heat transfer and speed.
  4. Have sufficient building stability
  5. Easy to process, manufacture, install, and maintain at low cost.

Arrangement requirements for holes in refractory chequers

clay checker brick
clay checker brick
  1. All hole widths should be equal. The holes are staggered in one or two directions.
  2. ​The holes should be arranged symmetrically up and down, left and right, and distributed evenly. The length direction of the hand-gripping holes should be parallel to the strips of the bricks.

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