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Non Ferrous Smelting

Refractories Conformation Scheme

Unshaped Refractory Materials:

Refractories Conformation Scheme
  • Silicon Carbide Based Monolithic Refractories

Silicon Carbide Based Monolithic Refractories include Silicon Carbide Castable, Silicon Carbide Ramming Mix,Silicon Carbide Refractory Mortar,Refractory Mortar For Composite Bricks.

  • Alumina-silica Monolithic refractories

Alumina-silica monolithic refractories include dry impermeable castable, high-strength castable,lightweight castable, Insulation refractory mortar.

  • Low Cement Castable

Using high-quality bauxite and flint clay as the main raw material and calcium aluminate cement as the binder, this castable has the characteristics of high strength and stable performance.

  • Non-stick Alumina Castable

This castable is made of super-grade alumina as the main raw material, and pure calcium aluminosilicate cement is used as the binder. By adding anti-wetting agent and optimizing the matrix composition structure, it has good resistance to aluminum liquid infiltration.

  • High Alumina Plastic Refractory

This product is made of high-quality bauxite as the main raw material and phosphate as the binder. It has the characteristics of long shelf life, good thermal shock resistance, and good construction performance.

  • Light Weight Insulating Castable

The castable is made of mullite lightweight aggregate, floating beads as main raw materials, and aluminate cement is used as the binder. It has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity, high strength and so on. It is widely used for heat insulation of kilns.

Refractory Bricks of Aluminum Electrolysis Cell :

Bricks for Aluminum Electrolysis Cell(side wall bricks, corner bricks and composite bricks)
Not only made of high-quality silicon carbide and industrial silicon powder as raw materials, but also made by vibrating pressure forming and stepped high pressure oxidation process, this product is characterized with good cryolite corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance, high temperature strength, strong thermal conductivity and long service life , so it is an ideal material for the side wall of a 180KVA large-scale pre-baked electrolytic cell. Compared with carbon blocks, this product improves current efficiency, reduces DC power consumption, and has a significant effect of energy saving and consumption reduction.

Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Port Bricks :

This brick has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion and erosion resistance of molten aluminum (aluminum alloy), no pollution of molten aluminum (aluminum alloy), and good thermal shock resistance. It is mainly used in the casting process of aluminum (aluminum alloy) melting and refining.

Refractories for Copper, Zinc, Lead and Nickel industries

Direct-bonded magnesia chrome bricks are made of high-purity or sub-high-purity sintered or fused magnesia and chromium concentrate as raw materials. The product has few impurities. After being fired at high or ultra-high temperature, the glass phase is concentrated in the triangular area of the crystal phase, and the crystal phase and the crystal phase are directly combined. It has the characteristics of low porosity, high crushing strength, strong wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and good peeling resistance.

Brand ItemDirect-bonded Magnesia-Chrome Brick
RSM Ge-8ARSM Ge-8BRSM Ge-12ARSM Ge-12BRSM Ge-16ARSM Ge-16BRSM Ge-18ARSM Ge-18BRSM Ge-20RSM Ge-22RSM Ge-26
MgO , %  ≥8276757070656562656055
Cr2O3 , %  ≥88121216161818202226
SiO2  ,%   ≤
Apparent Porosity,%       ≤1718171817181718191920
CCS , MPa    ≥4545454545404540404040
0.2MPa  Refractoriness Under Load ,℃    ≥17001650170016501700165017001650170017001700
(1400℃) Thermal Expansion Rate, %
Brand ItemMagnesia Chrome Brick
MgO , %  ≥60554540
Cr2O3 , %  ≥8121620
Apparent Porosity ,%  ≤21212222
CCS , MPa    ≥30302525
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load, ℃ ≥1530155015501550

Semi-rebonded Magnesia Chrome Brick

Semi-rebonded magnesia chrome bricks are made of fused magnesia chromium particles, high-purity fused or sintered magnesia and chromium concentrate as raw materials, fired at ultra-high temperature. Not only thermal shock resistance is good as direct-bonded magnesia chrome bricks, but also corrosion resistance is good as fused rebonded magnesia chrome bricks.

Brand ItemSemi-rebonded Magnesia Chrome Brick
RS RMGe -12ARS RMGe -12BRS RMGe -14ARS RMGe -14BRS RMGe -16ARS RMGe -16BRS RMGe -18ARS RMGe -18BRS RMGe -20ARS RMGe -20BRS RM Ge-22RS RM Ge-26RS RM Ge-30
MgO , %  ≥78757572727070686865656055
Cr2O3 , %  ≥12121414161618182020222630
SiO2 , %   ≤
Apparent Porosity, % ≤15161516151615161516161616
CCS, MPa   ≥45404540454045404540454545
0.2MPa Refractoriness Under Load , ℃    ≥1700165017001650170016501700165017001650170017001700
(1400℃) Thermal Expansion Rate, %

Fused Rebonded Magnesia Chrome Brick、Magnesium-aluminum-chromium Composite Spinel Brick

Fused rebonded magnesia chrome bricks are re-sintered products made of fused magnesia chrome particles.

Magnesium-aluminum-chromium composite spinel brick is a new type of high-grade composite material, which developed by Rongsheng according to the characteristics of zinc volatilization kiln. It not only has excellent scouring and erosion resistance, but also has good peeling resistance. After being used by Zhuzhou Smelting Co., Ltd., Yunnan Copper Zinc Co., Ltd. and other large zinc smelting enterprises, this kind of brick has obvious advantages over chrome slag bricks, direct-bonded magnesia chrome bricks, magnesia bricks and thermal shock resistant high alumina bricks. It is the ideal material for zinc volatilization kilns.

Brand ItemFused Rebonded Magnesia Chrome BrickMagnesium-aluminum-chromium Composite Spinel Brick
MgO , % ≥78757270686560558075
Cr2O3 ,%  ≥12141618202226303-53-5
SiO2 , %  ≤ 6
Apparent Porosity , % ≤15151515151515151718
CCS, MPa ≥45454545454545455050
0.2MPa  Refractoriness Under Load , ℃  ≥1700170017001700170017001700170017001650
 Thermal Shock Resistance ≥10080
Thermal Expansion Rate, %1.51.7

High Alumina Bricks 、Phosphate Bonding High Alumina Bricks and Fire Clay Bricks

Brand  ItemHigh Alumina BricksPhosphate Bonding High Alumina BricksFire Clay Bricks
Al2O, %    ≥756555487780
Fe2O3 , % ≤    3.22.0
Apparent Porosity , %   ≤232322222224262426
Bulk Density ,g/cm3 ≥2.72.9
 CCS, MPa ≥65606025202015
Refractoriness Under Load ≥150014501420140012501460140013501320
1400℃×2h  Reheating Linear Change Rate, % 1500℃×2h +0.1~-0.41500℃×2h +0.1~-0.41450℃×2h +0.1~-0.4+0.1 ~-0.4+0.1 ~-0.5+0.2 ~-0.51350℃×2h +0.2~-0.5
Refractoriness,℃  ≥17901790177017701780179017601740174017201720

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