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Steel Industry

Configuration Diagram of Refractories

Steel Industry

  • Refractories for Steel-making Furnace:

Castables and precast blocks for EAF Poof
Castables and precast blocks for LF roof

  • Refractories for Ladle & Tundish :

Dry ramming mix for EAF bottom
Dry ramming mix for intermediate Frequency furnace

  • Functional refractories for con-casting:

Castables series for ladle lining
Shaped refractories for ladle
Dry vibrating mix for tundish
Coatings series for tundish
Castable for the permanent lining of tuna dish

  • Functional Refractories for Con-Casting :

Slag Tile(Weir) and impact pad
Shroud, Monolithic Stopper, and Submerged entry nozzle for billet, slab, thin slab
Continuous casting)
Zirconia metering nozzles for billet Continuous casting

  • Refractories for Heating Furnace :

Refractory castables for working lining of the Heating furnace
Plastic refractories for heating furnace
Light-weight insulating castables for Heating furnace
Gunning mix for converter and ladle
Precast chrome corundum abrasion-resistant bock for heating furnace
Refractory fiber products for heating Furnace (felt, blanket, board and module)

  • Refractories for converter :

Magnesium carbon brick
Tapping hole block
Overall steel outlet
Gunning mix for tapping hole
Magnesium gunning material
Repair refractory for converter
Filling material for converter steel outlet
Cold joint material for converter
Hot repair material for converter

Magnesia carbon brick :

Magnesia carbon bricks are made of high melting point alkaline oxide magnesium oxide (melting point 2800℃) and high melting point carbon materials that are difficult to be infiltrated by slag as raw materials, adding various non-oxide additives and combining them with carbon binders Do not burn carbon composite refractories. Magnesia carbon brick has good high temperature resistance, strong slag resistance, good thermal shock resistance and low high-temperature creep.

MgO,% ≥827876
C,% ≥81214
Apparent Porosity,% ≤654
Bulk Density,g/cm3 ≥2.982.952.93
Cold Crushing Strength,MPa ≥303540
Modules of Rupture(1400*0.5h),MPa ≥5812

Magnesia brick :

Magnesia bricks have periclase as the main crystal phase, which is the main product in alkaline refractories. It has high refractoriness and good resistance to iron oxides, alkaline slag and high-calcium fluxes.

MgO,% ≥929596.897.5
SiO2,% ≤
CaO,% ≥
Apparent Porosity,% ≤18181615
Bulk Density,g/cm3 ≥2.922.953.103.15
Cold Crushing Strength,MPa ≥55607080
0.2MPa  R-U-L ,℃ ≥1550160017001700
thermal shock resistance ,1100℃ ≥101088

Silica Bricks :

Silica brick is made of quartz stone material, the content of SiO2 is above 93%,it has good resistance to acid slag and good heat conductivity. And the refractoriness is 1690~1710°C,RUL is beyond 1620°C.

Furnace Wall BricksChecker Brick
Chemical compositionSiO2≥95
Apparent Porosity %≤22≤24
Real Density g/cm3≤2.33≤2.34
Cold Crushing Strength MPa≥40≥30
0.2MPa  R-U-L ℃≥1650
Residual quartz %≤1.5
Creep Rate %   0.2MPa 1500℃ 0h~50h≤0.8
Thermal expansion rate % 1000℃ ≤1.28

Unshaped Refractory For Steel Industry :

Aluminum Magnesium Spinel CastableCorundum spinel CastableLow Cement High Alumina CastableMullite Artesian Castable
MgO,% ≥133.5
Al2O, % ≥70927075
Fe2O, % ≤1.21.0
Real Density,g/cm3 ≥
Modules of Rupture,MPa ≥69.2 1400℃*0.5h910
Cold Crushing Strength,MPa ≥426465100
Linear Change Rate,% 1500℃*3h±1.00~0.5±0.60~-0.5

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