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Protect the molten steel from oxidation when it flows into the crystallizer from the tundish, evenly distribute the molten steel into the crystallizer, and control the flow state of the molten steel in the crystallizer, with good slag resistance, anti-blocking, long service life, and low accident rate.

Submerged Nozzle for Continuous
Submerged Nozzle for Continuous

Submerged nozzle physical and chemical indicators

Physical and chemical indicators:

Al2O3  %≥55≥50≥45≥40
C  %≥16≥18≥20≥22
Flexural Strength  MPa≥5.5≥5.5≥5.5≥5
Apparent porosity  %≤19≤19≤19≤19
Bulk density  g/cm3≥2.36≥2.32≥2.28≥2.18

Slag Area:

ZrO2  %≥75≥70≥65≥55
C  %≥9≥12≥15≥18
Apparent porosity   %≤21≤21≤21≤22
Bulk density  g/cm3≥3.6≥3.5≥3.4≥3.2

Rongsheng company introduction

Rongsheng refractory supplier
Rongsheng refractory supplier

Rongsheng Company is a professional supplier of refractory materials, with 10 years of export experience, exporting to more than 80 countries. The main products of Rongsheng Company include various refractory bricks, unshaped refractory materials, metallurgical materials, thermal insulation materials and so on.

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