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The refractory ball is a mixture of granules and powders with yellow dextrin, clay powder, and other additives, which are then shaped and fired.

Physical and chemical indicators of refractory balls

Item Index
High aluminum ballMullite ballcorundum mullite ball Corundum ballContains zirconium ball
Al2O3  %60~6565~7575~8588~9065~80
Fe2O3  %≤1.5≤1.2≤1.0≤1.02~8(ZrO2)
Bulk density g/cm32.0~2.32.3~2.52.5~2.82.8~3.12.7~3.1
Apparent porosity %20~2220~2218~2218~2020~22
Normal temperature withstand voltage value KN≥9≥11≥18≥26≥28
Bulk weight kg/m31400~15001400~16001500~16501650~18001700~1800
Specific surface area  m2/m3 200~220
Thermal expansion coefficient ×10-6/℃
Specific heat capacity reference value×103J/(kg·K)

Characteristics of heat storage fireballs

heat storage fireballs
heat storage fireballs
  • Fire-resistant balls are resistant to high temperatures
  • Good creep resistance
  • Pressure resistant
  • High heat storage efficiency
  • Good thermal stability
  • Durable

The function of heat storage ball

refractory ball
refractory ball

The function of refractory balls is to prevent the furnace lining from burning through. It plays the role of gas-liquid, supporting and protecting catalysis in the furnace; its most widely used application is the regenerator of hot blast furnaces.

Refractory ball’s material and size

corundum ceramic refractory balls
corundum ceramic refractory balls

High-temperature fireballs come in different materials and diameters, such as high-aluminum refractory balls, corundum refractory balls, silicon refractory balls, magnesia-aluminum refractory balls, mullite refractory balls, etc. The size of refractory balls is divided into diameters: 40, 50, 60.

Application range of heat storage balls

Refractory balls are suitable for regenerative heating furnaces in the steel industry, regenerative ladle roasters, air separation equipment regenerators, regenerative chamber smelting furnaces in the non-ferrous metal industry, etc.

Packaging and shipping

high aluminum refractory ball packaging
high aluminum refractory ball packaging

Fire-resistant balls are packed in tons of bags and the delivery time is 7-12 days. The delivery time is related to the material and quantity of the ordered product. If you need more details about refractory balls, you can contact us.

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