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Rongsheng is a factory specializing in the production of refractory materials. The products cover heavy and light shaped and unshaped refractory materials, which are widely used in electric power, steel, nonferrous metals, petrochemicals, building materials and other industries.


Rongsheng scale

Our products are sold to more than 80 countries. Rongsheng has an annual output of 80,000 tons of shaped refractory production lines and 50,000 tons of unshaped refractory production lines, both of which are automated and intelligent production lines. 

Rongsheng customer

Commitment to Agents

1. Favorable price

2. High-quality products

3. Good service

4. The fastest delivery speed

Commitment to Agents

Conditions for becoming our agent

1. Recognize our products. I have confidence in Rongsheng’s refractory products and highly approve the products.
2. Have relevant business needs. Engage in related industries, or have refractory-related needs.
3. The same development philosophy as ours. Work hard together in the refractory industry.
4. Have certain financial support. The company can have funds to support operations.

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