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Magnesia carbon brick is made of magnesia and carbon materials, and various non-oxide additives are added. Magnesia carbon brick is a kind of basic refractory material. As a composite refractory material, magnesia carbon brick effectively utilizes the slag erosion resistance of magnesia and the high thermal conductivity and low expansion of carbon.

The main characteristics of magnesium carbon bricks

magnesium carbon bricks
magnesium carbon bricks in different shapes
  1. High-temperature resistance: Mag carbon bricks have a high softening point, usually at 1900-2000°C, which can meet the high-temperature requirements of most industrial production
  2. High slag resistance: Magnesia carbon bricks can react with various metal slags at high temperatures to form a protective layer, cutting off the further reaction between slag and bricks, so they have high resistance to slag erosion, especially suitable for slag content Large and complex occasions.
  3. Low water ingress rate: Magnesia carbon bricks have high density, almost no water absorption, good water resistance, and will not be damaged by water.
  4. Thermal shock resistance: The softening point of magnesia carbon bricks can reach above 1900°C, and the service temperature range is very wide, which can be used in most industrial furnaces.

Magnesite carbon brick physical and chemical indicators

MgO  %≥80≥78≥76≥74≥72
C  %≥10≥12≥14≥16≥18
Apparent porosity  %≤4≤4≤3.5≤3.5≤3.0
Bulk density  g/cm3≥3.02≥2.97≥2.95≥2.92≥2.89
Cold Crushing Strength   MPa≥40≥40≥38≥35≥35
High temperature flexural strength MPa  1400℃×0.5h≥6≥6≥10≥8≥10
magnesite carbon brick physical and chemical indicators

Features of magnesia carbon brick

Rongsheng factory magnesia carbon brick
Rongsheng factory magnesia carbon brick
  1. Good high-temperature resistance.
  2. Strong slag resistance.
  3. Good thermal shock resistance.
  4. Low creep at high temperatures.
  5. Low thermal expansion rate, not easy to deform.
  6. Not easy to peel off.

Welcome to visit Rongsheng factory

If you want to buy a batch of refractory bricks, you can come to the Rongsheng factory for a visit, and we can also provide some samples. The delivery time depends on the number of refractory bricks ordered, usually 7-12 days.

magnesia carbon brick delivery
magnesia carbon brick delivery

Refractory raw material certificate

refractory raw material certificate
refractory raw material certificate

Magnesia carbon brick transportation

magnesia carbon brick shipping
magnesia carbon brick shipping

    application of magnesia carbon brick

    application of magnesia carbon brick

    1. The quality of magnesia carbon brick is good. Rongsheng factory adopts standardized production and strict control. 2. Price advantage. Rongsheng adopts automatic production to reduce production cost and improve production efficiency. 3. Fully equipped testing equipment. High temperature test, strength test, compressive strength test 4. Professional team. The company has 20 senior refractory technicians to control the production of refractory bricks.

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