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Chrome corundum brick has the characteristics of high refractoriness, high strength, high refractoriness under load, and excellent thermal shock resistance. It has good corrosion resistance to steel slag, non-ferrous smelting slag, coal gasification slag, and various glass melts.

Chrome corundum brick’s physical and chemical properties

Chrome corundum brick
Chrome corundum fire brick

The production process of chrome corundum bricks

chrome corundum brick raw material
chromium corundum brick raw material

Al2O3 is used as raw material, adding the appropriate amount of chromium oxide powder and chromium corundum clinker fine powder, after forming, and firing at high temperature. The chromium oxide content of sintered chromium corundum bricks is generally lower than that of fused cast chromium corundum bricks. It can also be prepared by slurry pouring method. Mix Al2O3 powder and chromium oxide powder evenly, add debonding agent and organic binder to make a thick slurry, add part of chromium corundum clinker simultaneously, make bricks by grouting method, and then burn.

Application of chrome corundum bricks

Chromium corundum bricks have high-temperature oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance and are used in iron and steel smelting and foundry industries, petrochemical industries, glass furnace linings, porcelain furnace linings, slag outlets slag immersion tanks, etc.

Custom chromium corundum refractory bricks

Chrome corundum refractory bricks in different sizes
Chrome corundum refractory bricks in different sizes

Rongsheng Refractory Factory can customize chromium corundum refractory bricks according to customer drawings or sizes, including physical and chemical indicators, size, and shape. If you have special needs, please contact us.

Chrome corundum bricks supplier

chrome corundum bricks supplier
chrome corundum bricks supplier

We are a refractory material supplier in China. Chrome corundum bricks have been sold all over the world, including Russia, Egypt, Chile, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and other places. Welcome to visit the refractory brick production factory.

Chrome corundum refractory brick delivery

Production completed chrome corundum brick
Production completed chrome corundum bricks

We will put it into production as soon as possible after receiving the customer’s order. Rongsheng has three factories to produce different types of refractory materials and will complete the production and delivery within 7-12 days.

Rongsheng Service

  1. Provide product-related inspection certificates
  2. Product appearance can be customized
  3. Samples can be provided
  4. Provide detailed refractory solutions

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