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Sintered zirconia corundum bricks are sintered at high temperature by zirconia and corundum minerals.

The glass liquid has the characteristics of strong erosiveness, high temperature resistance, good thermal shock stability, excellent high temperature creep resistance, strong corrosion resistance to slag and glass liquid, etc., and is used in glass furnace lattices, small furnaces, working pools, domes and forehearths and other parts.

Sintered zirconium corundum brick parameters

Sintered zirconium corundum brick parameters
sintered zirconium corundum brick parameters

Sintered zirconia corundum brick application

  • Metallurgical industry: used for lining of high temperature equipment such as furnace, kiln and heating furnace.
  • Electric power industry: used for refractory materials inside the electric furnace, such as the hearth and furnace wall of the electric furnace.
  • Chemical industry: used in high temperature reactors, catalyst carriers, pipelines, valves and other equipment.
  • Other fields: It can also be used in glass melting furnaces, steelmaking, cement production, ceramic production, aerospace and other fields.

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