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Aluminum silicate ramming material is a kind of refractory material with high aluminum and low iron, and its main components are Al2O3 and SiO2. It is made by high-temperature sintering and high-energy grinding or ramming. It has high service temperature, strength, and density, and is mainly used in high-demand refractory structures. Rongsheng Refractory Materials also produces castables and customized ramming materials with different compositions.

Aluminum silicate ramming material details

Alumina-SiliconSilicon- CarbideZirconium Chrome Corundum
Al2O3  %≥65≥75≥85///≥80
SiC  %///≥40≥60≥70/
Cr2O3  %//////≥3
ZrO2  %//////≥2
Bulk Density  g/cm3 110℃×24h≥2.5≥2.7≥2.8≥2.4≥2.5≥2.6≥2.8
Permanent Linear Change Rate  % 1000℃×3h-0.4~0-0.5~0-0.5~0-0.4~0-0.5~0-0.6~0-0.6~0
Cold Crushing strength  MPa
Wear resistance at room temperature  cm3 1000℃×3h≤7≤6≤5≤7≤6≤5≤5
Thermal shock resistance  1000℃ water cooling cycle 1000℃×3h Fired≥30≥30≥25≥30≥35≥40≥30
Plasticity Index  %15~55
Thermal conductivity  W/(m·K) 1000℃1.1~1.61.6~2.03~55~76~82~3
Aluminum silicate ramming material details

Production of aluminum silicate ramming mass

Rongsheng Factory
Rongsheng Factory

In manufacturing, aluminum silicate ramming materials usually need to go through multiple processes, such as screening, drying, mixing, pounding, etc., to ensure uniformity and stability. Its production process and formula can be adjusted according to different needs to achieve the required fire resistance and service life.

Features of aluminum silicate ramming mass

  1. High aluminum and low iron: Al2O3 content is usually 55-80%, and Fe2O3 content is shallow, generally not more than 3%. This can greatly increase the softening point and use temperature.
  2. Dense structure: Aluminum silicate ramming material has been rammed to obtain magnificent grain structure and higher density, generally greater than 3.4g/cm3, which greatly improves its strength and slag erosion resistance.
  3. High corrosion resistance: The composition of high aluminum and low iron and dense microstructure make aluminum silicate ramming material have strong resistance to acid and alkali and corrosion of various slags.
  4. High strength: the compressive strength of aluminum silicate ramming material exceeds 600MPa, which enables it to withstand greater mechanical stress and service load.
  5. High working temperature: Generally, it can work at a temperature above 1600-1800°C, and the maximum temperature of special varieties can reach above 2000°C.

1. Q:How do you control your quality? A:During the production process, we have a complete chemical composition quality control system. After production, all goods will be tested, and a quality certificate will be issued with the goods. 2. Q:What is your delivery time? A:Depending on the quantity of products purchased, the general time is 7-12 days. If it is a customized product, it may take longer. 3. Q:Do you provide samples? A:Yes, we can provide samples 4. Q:Can we visit your company? A:Yes, of course. You are very welcome to China and we will be honored to have a client and friend. 5.Q: Can the product be customized? A:We support customization, you can send us your plan and design drawing, and we will make a complete production plan. 6. Q:Where is the place of origin? A:From Zhengzhou, Henan, China, 7.Q: How to pack A:Aluminum silicate ramming material is bagged

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