Zirconium Powder Sold to Colombia

Rongsheng exported a batch of zirconium powder to Colombia. We worked with a purchasing manager in the ceramic industry. Our zirconium powder performed well when used by customers, and the customer was very satisfied with this cooperation.

zirconium powder
zirconium powder

Zirconium Powder customer introduction

Mr. Carlos Hernandez is the purchasing manager of Tecnocerámica S.A., and he has been committed to finding high-performance ceramic raw materials to meet the company’s stringent requirements for product quality. Zircon powder is one of their production raw materials and is mainly used in the manufacture of high-temperature ceramic components for scientific and technological ceramic products, as well as the production of porcelain insulators. We discussed this collaboration.

Signing a contract with a Colombian customer

Mr. Carlos Hernandez decided to purchase zircon powder, and our close cooperation ensured that the quality and specifications of the zircon powder fully met their needs, thus improving the performance and quality of the product and winning the trust and praise of our customers. This case highlights the broad application prospects of zircon powder in the field of high-performance ceramic products.

Uses of zircon powder

zircon flour
zircon flour
  1. Foundry industry
    Zircon sand (powder) is used for the thick walls of large steel castings and the veil of various alloy steel castings. As a surface layer material, it has the effect of refining grains. Therefore, zircon sand (powder) is an excellent refractory shell-making material. Material is often used to prepare surface layer materials and sand spreading materials.
  2. Refractory materials industry
    Zircon sand can be used to produce zircon bricks, zirconium corundum fused bricks, sintered bricks, nozzle bricks, glass kiln zirconium ramming materials, and castables.
  3. Ceramic industry
    Zirconium powder has a high refractive index of 1.93-2.01 and is chemically stable. It is an excellent and cheap opacifying agent and is widely used in the production of various building ceramics, sanitary ceramics, daily ceramics, handicraft ceramics, etc. In the processing and production of ceramic glazes, it has a wide range of uses and a large amount of applications. The reason why zircon powder is widely used in ceramic production is that it has good chemical stability and is not affected by the ceramic firing atmosphere. It can significantly improve the bonding properties of ceramic blanks and glazes and increase the hardness of ceramic glazes.
  4. Paint industry
    Zirconium powder has a strong chilling ability for castings and good resistance to sand adhesion. It can effectively prevent surface defects of castings. The surface of the castings is smooth and easy to clean. Suitable for large and medium-sized steel castings, iron castings, and non-ferrous alloy castings.
  5. Glass industry
    It can be used to manufacture color picture tubes for the television industry and emulsified glass for the glass industry;
  6. Chemical industry
    Zircon powder can be used as a raw material for cosmetics, cement, food preservatives, tanning, and fiber (used to make flame-retardant fiber).