Cooperation with Finnish customers on low-porosity refractory clay bricks

We have established a stable cooperative relationship with a building materials distribution company in Finland and provided it with a customized supply plan of low-porosity refractory clay bricks to meet its purchasing needs three times a year.

low-porosity refractory clay bricks
Low porosity refractory clay bricks

Efficient cooperation process with Finnish low-porosity clay bricks

Order process optimization:

low-porosity clay bricks
low-porosity clay bricks
  1. We have established an efficient order template with a Finnish building materials distribution company to make the order confirmation, production, and delivery process smoother.
  2. Before the start of each procurement cycle, both parties will negotiate the required quantity, specifications, and delivery date in advance to ensure that the order is accurate.

Regular communication and consultation:

  1. We have regular communication with the Finnish building materials distribution company every quarter to understand their changes in market demand and feedback on product quality and specifications.
  2. These communications help us adjust production plans in a timely manner to meet customers’ special needs.

Custom product development

  1. In response to the special needs of Finland’s building materials distribution company, we have actively participated in the development of some customized products to ensure that the low-porosity clay bricks provided fully meet their requirements.

supply chain management

  1. We have established a stable and reliable supply chain relationship with Finland’s XX Building Materials Distribution Company to ensure that products can be delivered to the designated location on time.
  2. At the same time, we also actively cooperate with the logistics arrangements of Finland’s XX building materials distribution company to ensure that the products arrive on time.

Low-porosity refractory clay bricks delivery display