Acid-resistant bricks sold to Uzbekistan

Recently, Rongsheng’s acid-resistant bricks were exported to Uzbekistan. The customer purchased acid-resistant tiles, and we cooperated through communication. At present, the acid-resistant brick has been produced.

acid-resistant tiles
acid-resistant tiles

Uzbekistan Customer Introduction

Our client is a chemical company located in Uzbekistan, which mainly produces and processes various chemicals. Due to the large amount of acidic substances involved in the production process, the client has a very high demand for acid-resistant materials, especially acid-resistant bricks used for linings and floors. These acid-resistant bricks must not only be able to withstand the erosion of strong acids but also have high strength and wear resistance to ensure the long-term safe operation of production equipment and facilities.

Uzbek customers’ demand for acid-resistant brick

Uzbek customers purchase acid-proof bricks for the protection of chemical plant floors and walls: floors and walls need to be protected from corrosion by acidic substances to ensure the safety of the operating environment.

How do we collaborate?

Acid-resistant bricks
acid-resistant brick

After understanding the usage environment of the customer’s acid-resistant brick, we discussed the usage area of ​​the acid-resistant bricks and recommended the appropriate size based on the usage of the customer’s chemical plant. Before production, we sent sample acid-proof bricks to the customer. After the customer conducted an acid-resistant test, he expressed great satisfaction. In May, our factory carried out mass production and shipped the goods on schedule after the completion of production.