Turkish customers buy Chinese magnesite carbon bricks

Rongsheng Company is a professional refractory material production and export company. Recently, Rongsheng Company exported a large amount of high-quality magnesite carbon bricks to Turkey, which solved the problem of refractory material supply for a high-temperature kiln.

magnesite carbon bricks
magnesite bricks

Purposes of purchasing magnesite carbon bricks by Turkish customers

magnesia carbon brick
magnesia carbon brick

As a high-performance refractory material, magnesia carbon brick has excellent refractory performance and corrosion resistance and is widely used in high-temperature industrial fields such as metallurgy, steel, and glass. Turkish customers need to use high-performance refractory materials in high-temperature furnaces to ensure the stability and safety of production operations. After many comparisons and trials, the customer chose the magnesite carbon bricks of Rongsheng Refractories Co., Ltd., because of its excellent performance and stable quality, it has a high reputation in the market.

Magnesite carbon bricks production process

Rongsheng’s magnesia-carbon bricks are refined from high-quality magnesia and graphite materials and undergo strict production process control and quality inspection to ensure product reliability and stability. This special refractory material can resist severe corrosion in high-temperature environments, prolong the service life, and greatly reduce the maintenance cost of customers.

Türkiye customer feedback

magnesite carbon brick export
magnesite carbon brick export

After using the magnesite carbon brick exported by Rongsheng Company, Turkish customers are full of praise for its performance and quality. The high refractory performance of magnesite carbon brick enables customers’ high-temperature furnaces to operate stably, and the production efficiency is significantly improved. Moreover, the life of the product is extended, the maintenance cost is reduced a lot, and the economic benefit of the customer is significantly improved.