Ladle Sliding Nozzle Problems and Solutions

Due to certain defects in the original ladle sliding nozzle system used in a steelmaking plant, the reliability of the sliding mechanism was not strong, and the sliding bricks for pouring steel were only used once. This not only increases the labor intensity of workers and the number of turnover ladles, but also is not conducive to the increase of ladle temperature, and also causes high consumption of refractory materials in the pouring system.

Ladle Sliding Nozzle
Ladle Sliding Nozzle

Problems with the ladle sliding nozzle system

Ladle sliding plate aperture

The diameter of the ladle slide plate is less than 50 mm. Due to the large diameter, the slide plate needs to be opened and closed many times during the pouring process. After use, the erosion of the sliding plate is serious, and there is a phenomenon of steel pulling between the surfaces of the sliding plate, which cannot meet the requirements of continuous use.

Ladle sliding plate
Ladle sliding plate

Ladle sliding plate material

With the increase of varieties of steel and the improvement of the quality of molten steel, various alloys need to be added during the molten steel smelting process, resulting in the increase of [ Ca ], [Mn ] in molten steel, and CaO, MnO content in steel slag. When aluminum-carbon or aluminum-zirconium-carbon slides are used to cast these steels, the melting loss at the edge of the slide hole is obvious.

Ladle sliding mechanism

The spring used for the ladle sliding mechanism is used in a high-temperature environment for a long time, and sometimes it may deform and fail even though it has not reached the service period. When the line may wear steel into the whole body.

Improvement measures for ladle sliding nozzle

Changing the aperture size of the sliding plate

According to the theoretical calculation, it was decided to change the hole diameter of the slide from <50 mm to <40 mm and <45 mm and the use test was carried out. The test proves that the sliding plate with a hole diameter of <45 mm can not only meet the requirements of steel flow, but also meet the requirements of continuous use of the sliding plate, and finally determine that the hole diameter of the sliding plate for the ladle used for billet is <45 mm.

Material selection

Change the material of the skateboard. The raw material of the skateboard is corundum as the aggregate, metal aluminum powder as the matrix, and suitable additives are added. The mixture melts the metal aluminum at an appropriate temperature and is moderately nitrided and fired.