Silicon Mullite Brick Sales to Tajikistan

We will export a batch of silicon mullite brick to Tajikistan in July 2023, with a total contract value of US$191,711.20. At the beginning of July, the refractory brick factory completed production and successfully shipped the silica-mullite brick.

silica-mullite brick
silica-mullite bricks

The raw material composition of silica brick

Silica-mullite brick mainly uses high-alumina bauxite as raw materials, adding white corundum, sub-white corundum, brown corundum, sillimanite, andalusite, clay powder (Guangxi white clay, Suzhou soil), silicon micro powder, wax stone powder, metal Si powder, And Al powder, raw high alumina bauxite powder, and other raw materials.

Silicon mullite brick VS magnesia alumina spinel brick

Magnesia alumina spinel brick can also be used in cement kilns. Compared with magnesia-alumina spinel brick, silica-mullite bricks have higher cost performance, lower thermal conductivity, and better thermal stability; magnesia-alumina spinel brick has better corrosion resistance and higher thermal conductivity.

Silica mullite brick for cement kiln

silicon mullite brick for cement kiln
silica-mullite brick for cement kiln

Customers in Tajikistan are using it in cement kilns. Silicon mullite bricks are mainly used in transition zones, pre-tropical zones, and feeders. Silica-mullite brick can be used in most parts of cement kilns.

Tajikistan customer feedback

silicon mullite brick export
silicon mullite bricks export

This is the first time we have cooperated with this Tajikistan customer. The customer was very surprised by our production efficiency. Our delivery speed was three days earlier than the contract date. This makes their construction period less tight and ensures that the cement kiln project can be completed smoothly. The quality of silicon mullite brick has been professionally tested and meets the use standards.

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