Electric Arc Furnace Graphite Electrode Export to South Africa

South Africa is one of the most developed countries on the African continent with a broad industrial base and needs. Graphite electrodes, as key electric furnace smelting equipment, play an important role in industries such as steel and non-ferrous metals. Rongsheng Kiln Refractories exported electric arc furnace graphite electrode to a steel smelting company in South Africa.

South African graphite electrode customer introduction

The South African client is a steel smelting company that focuses on producing high-quality steel products and supplying steel products to domestic and international markets. The customer has modern smelting equipment and advanced production technology in South Africa, and providing reliable raw materials is the key to its development.

Connect with South African clients

We had chatted with the South African customer from the website before and learned that the South African customer had a demand for the graphite electrode. Later, the customer went to our exhibition and had a deeper understanding of our refractory products and company scale. After leaving the contact information, we continued to communicate with Ashley, the business manager, to solve the questions for South African customers.

Electric arc furnace graphite electrode customization

Electric Arc Furnace Graphite Electrode
electric arc furnace graphite electrode

After the initial contact, the two sides conducted detailed technical discussions. Chinese companies introduced the technical specifications, quality control measures, and production capacity of their graphite electrodes to South African customers. Customers have expressed trust in the technical strength and product quality of Chinese companies.

Send sample confirmation

In order to ensure that the product meets the customer’s requirements, the Rongsheng refractory supplier provided a batch of samples to the South African customer for testing and evaluation. The customer conducted rigorous laboratory testing and field verification on the samples, and the results showed that the quality and performance of the samples met expectations.

Graphite electrode contract negotiation

electric arc furnace graphite electrode
electric arc furnace graphite electrode

Based on the sample test results and further business negotiations, the two parties further confirmed the cooperation intention and started to negotiate on contract terms, delivery time, and payment terms. Through proper negotiation between the two parties, a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation contract was reached.

Rongsheng refractory factory production and delivery

shipment of graphite electrodes
shipment of graphite electrodes

After signing the contract, the Chinese company started producing graphite electrodes according to the customer’s order. During the production process, Chinese companies strictly follow quality control standards to ensure product stability and consistency. Within the agreed delivery period, Chinese companies delivered batches of graphite electrodes to South African customers on time.

Our after-sales service

graphite electrode
graphite electrode

Rongsheng factory pays attention to after-sales service and continues to maintain close contact with South African customers after delivery. Provide technical support, training, and explanations to South African customers.