Long-term cooperation with Russian furnace refractory products customers

Rongsheng will cooperate with a foundry in Russia in 2023. At present, we have been cooperating and maintaining a long-term cooperative relationship. Rongsheng furnace refractory products received high praise from customers.

Customer introduction of Russian furnace refractory product

At the beginning of 2023, we received an inquiry about refractory bricks. The customer intends to import a batch of refractory bricks from China. There are fourteen types of refractory bricks, each of which has different sizes and chemical indicators. Our refractory material engineer analyzes After receiving the customer’s drawings, it is confirmed that our factory can produce.

Sign an order for refractory bricks

We have signed several orders with this Russian customer. The first time, the customer purchased a small batch of refractory products to test the effect of the refractory products. After receiving the goods, the customer checked the indicators of the refractory bricks and was very satisfied. , two months later, the second order contract was signed, and we became long-term partners.

Why did Russian customers choose us?

Rongsheng refractories company
Rongsheng refractories company
  1. The strength of the factory is strong, and the products produced by Rongsheng Refractory Factory are of good quality.
  2. The product range is complete. Fourteen kinds of refractory bricks of different sizes can be produced by customers.
  3. Good after-sales service. Ensure that the indicators of refractory bricks meet the standards and help customers use refractory bricks better.
  4. discount price. Our prices are affordable and profitable for customers.