Features of hot blast stove checker bricks

Checker bricks are refractory bricks that can be used in regenerators of blast furnaces and hot blast stoves. They are widely used in the steelmaking industry. Checker bricks have strong heat exchange capacity, smooth ventilation, small resistance, and a large heat storage area.

brick checker
brick checker

Introduction of checker bricks

Refractory chequers are mainly used in the regenerator of hot blast stoves. Gas can pass through the upper and lower holes of refractory chequers. In hot blast stoves, different refractory bricks will be selected according to the requirements of temperature in different regions and other indicators, such as clay bricks and high alumina bricks, mullite bricks, and sillimanite bricks.

How do checker bricks work?

checker brick
checker brick

The function of the hot blast stove is to heat the cold air sent to the blast furnace into hot air, and the hot air is sent to the blast furnace through the hot air pipe for the combustion reaction. The blast furnace hot blast stove has a furnace firing period and an air supply period, and the two working cycles alternate. During the firing period, the high-temperature flue gas after combustion passes through the holes of the checker bricks of the hot blast stove and transfers heat to the refractory chequers. During the air supply period, the cold air from the blower enters the hot blast stove, is heated by the checker bricks to become hot air, and is sent to the blast furnace through the hot air pipe.

Comparison of the heat storage area of checker bricks with different sizes

checker bricks
refractory chequers
  1. Traditional 7-hole lattice brick: grid diameter 43mm, heat storage area 38.1m2/m3
  2. 7-hole high-efficiency lattice brick: the diameter of the lattice is 30mm. The heat storage area is 47.08m2/m3
  3. 19-hole high-efficiency checker brick, grid diameter 30mm heat storage area 48.6m2/m3
  4. 31-hole high-efficiency checker brick, grid diameter 25mm heat storage area 58.1m2/m3
  5. 37-hole high-efficiency checker brick, grid diameter 20mm heat storage area 68.7m2/m3