Chrome corundum bricks sold to South Africa

Recently, our company’s sales department signed a sales contract for chrome corundum bricks with a steelmaking plant in South Africa, with a contract amount of US$67,103. Maria, the sales elite of our company, was in charge of this transaction. She finally signed the contract successfully after many negotiations and negotiations.

Chrome corundum bricks
Chrome corundum bricks

South Africa customer introduction

This South African customer is a large steel company and was looking for high quality chrome corundum bricks for protection of steel production equipment in high temperature environment. Our company’s chrome corundum brick are made of high-quality raw materials. They have the advantages of high strength, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance. They are widely used in the manufacture and maintenance of various high-temperature equipment.

What services does Rongsheng Maria provide?

In this transaction, Maria carefully prepared the relevant materials of chrome corundum brick, introduced the advantages of our company’s chrome corundum brick to customers in detail, and introduced relevant technical support and after-sales service, which won the trust of customers.

Successful cooperation with South African customers

After the transaction is completed, Maria continues to provide good after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. This professional service not only makes customers satisfied, but also enables the company to win more business opportunities.