How to Improve the Performance of Lightweight Mullite Insulation Bricks?

Lightweight mullite insulation bricks have high load softening temperature, low porosity, and good corrosion resistance. They are high-quality insulation materials. Mullite insulation bricks with different physical and chemical indicators have different insulation effects. How to improve the light weight mullite brick performance?

lightweight mullite insulation bricks
lightweight mullite insulation bricks

What factors affect the performance of lightweight mullite insulation bricks?

Mullite insulation bricks usually contain impurity oxides such as TiO2、Fe2O3、CaO、MgO、K2O and Na2O. The impurity content in mullite produced from natural raw materials is higher than that in synthetic raw materials. These impurities Oxides act as fluxes in mullite, and the effects of various oxide impurities are different. Among them, K2O and Na2O have the greatest influence on the liquid phase formation temperature, and TiO2 has the least influence.

Improve the performance of lightweight mullite insulation bricks

If you want to improve the insulation performance of mullite insulation bricks, you need to control the content of impurities. With the increase of Al2O3 content in mullite bricks, the insulation performance will increase, but the increase in impurities will reduce the insulation performance, especially It is the content of K2O, Na2O and Fe2O3, which is an important measure to obtain high-quality lightweight mullite insulation bricks.