Vietnamese customers buy refractory castables

A Vietnamese iron and steel plant is undergoing equipment upgrades and renovations. In order to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment at high temperatures, they need to purchase a large amount of refractory castables. Since this was a critical purchase, they needed to find a trusted supplier for high-quality castables.

What is refractory castable?

refractory castables
refractory castables

Refractory castable is a special castable, which is made by mixing refractory materials, cement, sand, stones and other raw materials. Different from ordinary castables, it has extremely high temperature resistance and can maintain stable performance for a long time in a high temperature environment.

Why Vietnamese customers choose us?

After some market research and screening, they finally chose to cooperate with Rongsheng refractory supplier. Due to our years of production experience, professional technical team and quality management system, we are able to provide Vietnamese customers with the highest quality refractory castables.

Quantity of pouring materials purchased by Vietnamese customers

The contract amount signed by a Vietnamese customer with us for the first time is 16119USD, 30% in advance, and the amount is 4781.9USD. After using it, the customer is very satisfied and willing to cooperate for a long time. We will also provide customers with the most favorable price and the best quality refractory castables.

Selection of refractory castables suppliers

Refractory castable are an important part of various high-temperature equipment and tools, and their quality and stability directly affect the service life and production efficiency of equipment. Therefore, when choosing a supplier, customers need to choose carefully and conduct full communication and negotiation with them to obtain the best quality products and services.