Refractory cement sales to New Zealand

Rongsheng refractory supplier is a well-known company that provides high-quality refractory materials worldwide. The company is known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service, including various types of refractory bricks, refractory cement, and refractory coatings. Recently, Rongsheng Company sold refractory cement to New Zealand, and refractory cement is selling well there.

Challenges facing refractory cement exports to New Zealand

Entering and selling refractory cement in the New Zealand market presents some challenges. First, it is necessary to understand the needs and competition of the local market. Second, compliance with New Zealand regulations and standards imposes requirements on product certification and quality control. Rongsheng refractory cement has complete certificates, various types, and high quality, so it is popular in New Zealand.

Rongsheng refractory supplier
Rongsheng refractory supplier

What did Rongsheng do to export to New Zealand?

Refractory market research

Rongsheng company conducted detailed research on the refractory market in New Zealand to understand the market size, demand trends, and competition situation. They communicated with local construction companies and contractors to gather information on refractory cement demand, specification requirements, and supply chain.

Refractory cement certification and quality control

Refractory cement
refractory cement

In order to comply with New Zealand regulations and standards, Rongsheng Company ensures that its refractory cement products have obtained local certification and qualification. They work with local quality control agencies to ensure that products meet relevant safety standards and performance requirements.

Support for refractory agents

Rongsheng support for refractory agents and hopes to cooperate with refractory distributors, looking for experienced, reliable, and reputable partners who can introduce products into the New Zealand market, Rongsheng can provide technical support and preferential prices.

Provide after-sales support

Rongsheng company provides after-sales service when exporting refractory materials, so that customers can buy with confidence, and our technical engineers can give relevant solutions to problems in the process of refractory cement construction.