High-purity mullite precast blocks exported to Switzerland

Rongsheng’s high-purity mullite precast blocks were successfully sold to Switzerland, providing high-quality refractory material solutions to the local industry.

Swiss customer-customized high-purity mullite precast block

mullite precast blocks
mullite precast blocks

A well-known engineering company in Switzerland, focusing on providing engineering solutions and equipment manufacturing. In a new high-temperature reaction device project, they needed to use high-temperature-resistant and corrosion-resistant lining materials to ensure the safe operation of the equipment under high temperatures and pressure.
After fully communicating with the customer and understanding the project requirements, Rongsheng Company recommended our high-purity mullite prefabricated parts to the customer. This prefabricated part has a high degree of high temperature and excellent corrosion resistance, making it very suitable for use in high-temperature equipment linings in engineering projects.

Customer feedback on high-purity mullite precast block

After a period of use, customers reported that the performance of the precast blocks was very stable, without any signs of cracks or corrosion. The high-purity mullite precast blocks are designed with just the right size and shape to fit perfectly into the equipment, improving the overall efficiency and reliability of the equipment.