High alumina bricks sold to Ecuador

Good news! In May, successfully signed a contract with an Ecuadorian customer on high alumina bricks. After receiving the order, the factory will start production as soon as possible to ensure that the order can be completed before the delivery date.

high alumina bricks
high alumina bricks

Ecuador customer order details

The Ecuadorian customer contacted us through the information on the website. After recording the contact information of the high alumina brick customer, we arranged for a professional refractory engineer to conduct a one-to-one customized production plan. A $62,475 contract was eventually signed.

Why did Ecuadorian customers choose us?

Rongsheng Refractories
Rongsheng Refractories

The strength of the factory is strong.

We sent the video of the factory production to the customer and gained the trust of Ecuador.

Good after-sales service

After signing the contract, we still keep in touch with the high alumina brick customer and answer the production situation at any time.

The product is of good quality

Our factory’s refractory product certificates are complete and there are many types, which can meet the needs of customers.

Efficient production

After receiving the customer’s inquiry about high alumina bricks, the production plan was quickly determined and the delivery was carried out on time.

Introduction of high alumina brick

high alumina brick
high alumina brick

High alumina bricks are very important refractory materials, usually used in kiln construction. High alumina bricks are graded according to Al2O3 content and can be divided into grades one, two, and three. The refractoriness of high alumina bricks is 1750~1790℃.
According to their different properties, they can also be divided into high alumina insulation bricks and high alumina refractory bricks. For specific usage and indicators, please contact us to help you customize the usage plan.