High alumina anchor bricks exported to Iraq

High-alumina anchor bricks are refractory bricks that are reshaped and sintered after raw material technical rationing. They have high strength, good thermal shock stability, and toughness. It is installed on the shell of an industrial kiln or the steel structure supporting the furnace lining, and buried in the refractory lining for anchoring and connection.

anchor bricks
anchor bricks ricks

How do Iraqi customers contact us?

Iraqi customers contacted us after seeing the high-alumina brick products on our website and saw that we can customize refractory bricks, so they sent us an email and wanted to customize high-alumina anchor fire brick. We have rich experience in the production of anchor bricks, the customer also sent the drawing, and we proceeded to production after confirmation.

Precautions when anchoring brick masonry

  1. Bricklaying is carefully applying mud from both sides to prevent gas from leaking from the furnace top
  2. The hanging part of the anchor brick should not be damaged.
  3. Guarantee the size of the joints and carry out roofing. There should be appropriate expansion joints between the kiln body and the anchor bricks.
  4. The arrangement of anchor bricks should be determined according to the range and frequency of temperature changes and the size of the area facing the wall.

Rongsheng refractories factory

We are a supplier of refractory materials, with two factories of qualitative refractory materials and amorphous refractory materials. Qualitative refractory materials refer to refractory bricks for various kilns, and amorphous refractory materials refer to various refractory castables and refractory raw materials. We started production immediately after we received an order from an Iraqi customer.

Anchor brick delivered on time

anchor fire brick shipment
anchor fire brick shipment

After the production is completed, the factory will have a special process to test the quality of the anchor bricks and deliver them after the quality reaches the standard. The Iraqi customer inspected after receiving the goods, and the high-alumina anchor refractory brick is all qualified, and they are also very satisfied with this cooperation.