Fused quartz bricks exported to Belarus

We are pleased to share that our fused quartz bricks were successfully exported to Belarus, providing local customers with high-quality refractory solutions. Below are some details of this collaboration.

Introduction to fused quartz bricks

Fused quartz brick is a refractory material that uses high-purity quartz sand as the main raw material and is melted and molded at high temperatures. It has excellent high-temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and other properties, and is widely used in the lining and masonry of high-temperature industrial equipment such as glass kilns and ceramic kilns.

Fused quartz bricks exported to Belarus
Fused quartz bricks

Customer introduction

The client is a professional glass manufacturing company in Belarus dedicated to producing high-quality glass products. They require a large number of refractory materials for the internal masonry of the glass furnace and have strict requirements on the materials’ high-temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

Details of our cooperation

In communicating with customers, we learned about their requirements for refractory materials, including refractory resistance, chemical stability, etc. We provide fused quartz brick that meet the standards according to the needs of our customers.

fused quartz brick
fused quartz brick

Customer use

Customers use our fused quartz brick for the internal construction of glass furnaces, which effectively improves the fire resistance and service life of the furnace and ensures the production quality and output of glass products.