Continuous Casting Ladle Shroud Exported to Italy

The continuous casting ladle shroud of the Rongsheng factory was exported to Italy. We received an inquiry from the customer in March. After communicating with the customer, we learned that the customer wanted the ladle shroud of the kiln. Customers saw our refractories website and got in touch with us.

What is a continuous casting ladle shroud?

ladle shroud
ladle shroud

The continuous casting ladle shroud is used to connect the ladle and the tundish. Its function is to cut off the air during the pouring process of molten steel, avoid the secondary oxidation of molten steel and the inhalation of nitrogen, and also prevent the splashing of molten steel and slag rolling. Since the molten steel passes through the long nozzle, the continuous casting ladle shroud must have good thermal shock resistance properties, resistance to molten steel impact, and slag erosion resistance.

Ladle shroud material introduction

The shroud is mainly made of fused silica, aluminum oxide, and ZrO2-C. The fused quartz nozzle is cheap, but its resistance to molten steel erosion and tundish covering agent and slag erosion is poor; the Al2O3-C nozzle has a long service life and strong adaptability to steel types; the ZrO2-containing nozzle The price is high, and ZrO2-C material is generally only used in the slag line.

Italy customer introduction

This Italian customer is engaged in refractory materials, but their company does not produce ladle shrouds, so they found us. The Rongsheng factory has a complete range of refractory materials, including refractory insulation bricks, refractory ratio setting raw materials, ceramic fiber products, metallurgical materials, etc. The amount of the contract we signed was 32397 Euros.

continuous casting ladle shroud
continuous casting shroud

How to cooperate with us?

You can use it for kiln construction or repair or want to engage in refractory sales, as long as it is used for demand, you can contact us, and we will provide you with the best price and high-quality refractory materials, hope to have the opportunity to collaborate.