Andalusite refractory bricks are sold to Russia

A Russian customer successfully cooperated with Rongsheng Group. In order to obtain high-quality andalusite refractory bricks, the Russian customer searched for many refractory suppliers and finally chose Rongsheng for cooperation.

Introduction of andalusite brick

Andalusite brick is a common refractory material made from high-purity andalusite ore. It has excellent heat resistance and chemical resistance, and is widely used in the steel industry and the power industry. It is the raw material for making various high-temperature kiln equipment.

The purpose of Russian customers to buy andalusite bricks

andalusite bricks shipment
andalusite bricks shipment

Russian customers have large industrial equipment, and they need andalusite bricks to update their equipment, and also for future maintenance of industrial equipment.

Why choose to buy our andalusite bricks?

With its advanced production technology and rich experience in refractory materials, Rongsheng Group has won the trust of customers. Russian customers said that Rongsheng will become their first choice for purchasing refractory materials.

Production of high-quality andalusite bricks

andalusite brick quality control
andalusite brick quality control

In order to provide Russian customers with high-quality andalusite bricks, Rongsheng Group has been carefully manufactured and strictly controlled in quality and has excellent fire resistance and durability. It can guarantee the stability of supply, deliver customer orders on time, and ensure that products meet customer requirements and standards.