Alumina brick exported to Ukraine

Rongsheng Refractory Brick Company’s hot-selling aluminum bricks were exported to Ukraine. The price of high-alumina bricks varies depending on the aluminum content. The higher the aluminum content, the higher the price of the bricks. We can customize it according to your physical and chemical indicators.

Alumina brick
Alumina brick

Ukrainian customer introduction

The Ukrainian customer is a large cement factory and currently needs to purchase a batch of high alumina bricks for repairing the rotary kiln. Ukrainian customers saw our website on Google and contacted us through the email address on the website. After we received the customer’s email, our business unit manager began to communicate with the customer about the details of high alumina bricks.

Aluminum brick customization

high alumina bricks
high alumina bricks

Since the customer is repairing the kiln, the high alumina bricks purchased this time need to have the same physical and chemical indicators as the previous high alumina bricks. We
After receiving the drawings and specifications sent by the customer, we conducted research with Rongsheng’s engineering technicians and found that our refractory brick factory can meet the requirements.

Signing the contract

fire bricks
alumina fire bricks

After half a month of communication, we signed a contract and agreed to deliver the goods 20 days after signing the contract. Our factory started production immediately.

What are the uses for Ukrainian customers to buy alumina brick?

The customer only purchased alumina brick this time. The high-alumina bricks are used for repairing the transition zone and kiln tail of the rotary kiln. Through this cooperation, we have established a good relationship between the two parties and look forward to the next cooperation on other refractory materials.