Acid Bricks Exported to Uzbekistan in December

Our customer is an enterprise specializing in chemical production in Uzbekistan, dedicated to producing and processing chemical raw materials. The company holds an important position in the local chemical industry, with its main production process involving the preparation and processing of sulfuric acid. Due to the strong acidic environment in the production process, customers urgently need high-performance acid bricks to ensure the long-lasting operation of the production facility.

Uzbekistan customer needs

produced acid bricks
produced acid bricks

The main challenge faced by the customer was the erosion of equipment caused by the highly acidic environment generated during its sulfuric acid production process. To ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment, the customer was looking for an acid-resistant material that could resist sulfuric acid attack. Therefore, they decided to introduce acid-proof bricks as lining materials for acid pools.

Acid bricks solutions given by technical engineers

 acid-resistant bricks
acid-resistant brick

We recommend acid-resistant brick to our clients specifically designed to withstand acidic environments. This brick material has excellent corrosion resistance and is especially suitable for treating strong acid media such as sulfuric acid. Its special chemical composition and precise manufacturing process allow it to remain stable in acidic environments for long periods.

Practical applications and effects of acid bricks

acid bricks delivery
acid-resistant tiles delivery

The client decided to use acid brick in its sulfuric acid treatment plant, primarily for lining the acid tanks. The application of this acid-resistant brick is designed to improve the corrosion resistance of the acid pool, extend the service life of the equipment, and reduce maintenance costs. The precise fit and highly corrosion-resistant properties of acid-resistant brick make them ideal against sulfuric acid attacks.