Yttrium Stabilized Zirconia Powder Sold to Thailand

In July 2023, Rongsheng Refractories Co., Ltd. exported yttrium-stabilized zirconia powder to Thailand. Zirconia powder is an important raw material in the fields of ceramics and chemicals. It has many performances such as strong thermal shock resistance, high-temperature resistance, stable chemical properties, and outstanding material compounding.

Thailand customers buy yttrium-stabilized zirconia powder

yttrium stabilized zirconia powder export
yttrium stabilized zirconia export

The Thailand client is a manufacturer of ceramic products. Yttrium-stabilized zirconia can be used as ceramic pigments and glaze decoration agents to endow ceramic products with colorful colors and enhance the hardness and wear resistance of ceramics.

The function of zirconia powder

zirconia powder
zirconia powder

Combining zirconia ceramic powder with other materials can greatly improve the performance parameters of the composite material, and improve its fracture toughness, bending strength, and so on. Therefore, high-purity zirconia powder is not only used in the field of structural ceramics and functional ceramics but also used to improve the surface properties of metal materials such as (thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, high-temperature oxidation resistance, etc.)

Yttrium stabilized zirconia powder manufacturer and supplier

yttrium stabilized zirconia powder manufacturer
zirconia powder manufacturer

Yttrium-stabilized zirconia is also commonly used in the manufacture of refractory ceramics and refractory coatings to meet the needs of high-temperature environments. Rongsheng is a refractory company that can produce refractory bricks and insulation materials. Our refractory raw materials include zirconia powder and zirconium silicate powder. , zirconium powder, etc. Refractory materials for the steelmaking industry, ironmaking industry, ceramics industry, and glass industry can be customized.