Uzbekistan Customers Visit the Rongsheng Refractory Materials Factory

2023.10.18 Rongsheng Refractory Material Factory welcomed our distinguished guests. Our material Bekistan customers came to visit the factory in the early stage of confirming the order. Our business manager and technical engineer accompanied them to visit our refractory material production factory.

Product types purchased by customers

The customer is purchasing a batch of acid-resistant bricks this time. Through this visit to the Rongsheng factory, the customer wants to determine the scale and production capacity of the Rongsheng refractory factory. The customer needs to ship the goods from the factory in November so that the Uzbekistan customer can avoid construction delays.

Rongsheng acid-resistant brick manufacturer

refractroy brick manufacturer
refractory brick manufacturer

Due to the large number of orders from Uzbekistan, the production cycle is 20 days so that the order can be completed on time. After production, the quality of the refractory materials will be inspected and the products will be issued after passing the inspection standards.

Shipping options to Uzbekistan

Railway transportation between China and Uzbekistan is relatively advantageous, so discussing railway transportation with customers will be more convenient.