Silica refractory bricks successfully used in Chilean coke ovens

Andrade Steel S.A. is a leading Chilean metallurgical company headquartered in Santiago. Founded in 1995, the company focuses on the production of high-quality steel products and contacted us in need of a batch of high-quality silica refractory bricks, which are used in the construction of blast furnaces.

Application of silica bricks in coke ovens

The coke oven is one of the vital equipment in the metallurgical industry for the production of high-quality coke for use in steelmaking and other metallurgical processes. Inside the coke oven, high-temperature and corrosion-resistant materials are required to withstand extreme operating conditions. Silica bricks are ideal for lining coke ovens due to their excellent refractoriness, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Silica refractory bricks are able to withstand high temperatures, chemical reactions, and mechanical stress while maintaining their structural integrity, extending the life of coke ovens.

Rongsheng produces silica bricks for Chilean customers

silica bricks
silica bricks

Rongsheng, as a leading manufacturer of silica bricks in China, provides high-quality silica brick products that meet international standards. Rongsheng’s silica bricks have excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and are suitable for extreme industrial environments, including coke oven linings. Therefore, Andrade Steel Co., Ltd. decided to cooperate with Rongsheng to introduce its silica bricks to the Chilean market and use them in its new coke oven project.

How do we work together?

Andrade Steel Co., Ltd. has established a close cooperative relationship with Rongsheng. Engineering teams from both parties worked together to study the specifications and design of the silica refractory bricks to ensure they were perfectly suited to the coke oven requirements. Rongsheng promises to provide silica refractory brick that meets international standards and ensures on-time delivery to meet the coke oven construction schedule.

Successfully completed the silica refractory bricks export project

Silica refractory bricks
Silica refractory bricks

By introducing Rongsheng’s silica refractory brick products, Andrade Steel Co., Ltd. has successfully improved the durability and production efficiency of its coke ovens. The application of silica refractory bricks enables the coke oven to operate stably, reduces maintenance costs, and prolongs the service life of the equipment.