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Magnesia iron spinel brick is an excellent product of a “chrome-free” cement kiln firing zone. It has excellent kiln skin hanging ability, good thermal shock stability, cement clinker erosion resistance, and a low thermal expansion rate. It has an excellent application effect in cement kiln firing zones.

Magnesia iron spinel brick ingredients

magnesia iron spinel brick
magnesia iron spinel brick

Magnesia-iron-spinel bricks use high-purity magnesia and aluminum-iron spinel as the main raw materials and are formed through proportioning and high pressure. The firing temperature and time must be strictly controlled during the production process.

Magnesia iron spinel brick parameters

Magnesia iron Spinel BrickHigh toughness Magnesium Iron Spinel brick
MgO  %≥85≥88
Fe2O3  %5~7.55~6
Al2O3  %3~54~7
Bulk density  g/cm3≥3≥2.9
Apparent porosity  %≤17≤16
Cold Crushing Strength  MPa≥45≥55
Thermal shock resistance cycle 1100℃water cooling≥6≥8
0.2MPa Refractoriness under load ℃≥1600≥1650
Thermal expansion rate  %  1400℃≤1.6≤1.7
Thermal conductivity W/(m·K)  350±25℃≤2.6≤2.6
magnesia iron spinel brick

The production process of magnesia iron spinel brick

Batching → mold installation → raw material mixing → vibration forming → de-molding → drying at 200°C → calcination at 350°C → packaging → storage

How does Rongsheng control the quality of magnesia-iron spinel bricks?

Strictly select materials

Select high-quality production raw materials and produce according to professional steps.

professional team

The company has a professional technical production team and production equipment.

Custom processing

To meet the production needs of customers, the factory supports customization and can produce according to customer drawings.

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