What are the main components of castables?

The composition of refractory castables is composed of refractory aggregates, refractory powders, additives, and binders. Refractory castables are mixed powdery particles composed of various aggregates and binders and are made unshaped by multiple processes. For refractory materials, if you need to know what the main components of refractory castables are, detailed testing is required.

components of castables
components of castables

Definition of main components of castables

The main component is the chemical composition, which plays a leading role in the refractory castable and occupies a large proportion of the composition of the refractory castable. It has an important decision on the high-temperature performance of the refractory castable. Whether it can be applied to high temperature kiln or refractory castable The main ingredient of the material also has a great influence.

The main components of common refractory castables

Such as high-alumina castables, the main component is aluminum oxide; such as silicon castables, the main component is silicon dioxide, which is an acidic refractory castable; magnesia castables, the main component is magnesium oxide, and so on. Such as aluminum-magnesium castables, the main components are aluminum oxide and magnesium oxide, such as corundum mullite castables, the main components are aluminum oxide, but the content is relatively high.

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