How to use corundum castable?

Corundum refractory castable has the characteristics of stable high-temperature performance, good corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Corundum refractory castable is mainly used for high-temperature industrial kiln lining. A refractory castable was prepared by mixing calcium aluminate cement binder.

corundum refractory castable
corundum refractory castable

The use of corundum castables

application of corundum castable
application of corundum refractory castable
  1. Before the construction of corundum castables, construction tools, and construction surfaces should be clean and tidy.
  2. The construction temperature is kept at about 30°C, and the temperature of the corundum castable construction environment cannot be lower than 5°C.
  3. Use clean drinking water, and accurately weigh the amount of water added, the amount of added water is about 5% of the total amount and can be appropriately increased or decreased according to the actual situation.
  4. Use a forced mixer to mix the aggregate, powder, and binder evenly, and the mixing tools should be clean.
corundum castables
corundum castables
  1. Pay attention to the mixing sequence: first mix the aggregate and powder for 3 minutes until uniform, then add the specified amount of clean drinking water and stir evenly for 6 minutes to ensure that the mixture has sufficient fluidity; the mixed corundum castables must be used within 30 minutes.
  2. Use a vibrating rod or a vibrator when pouring the castable to ensure uniform pouring, compact vibration, and the thickness of the pouring needs to be based on actual needs;
  3. Install the mold before casting the castable, pour the corundum refractory castable into the installed mold, and put it into use after curing, drying, and molding.

The construction process of corundum refractory castables is roughly the same as that of other castables. Construction according to the use standards can improve the service life of castables and ensure the effect during use.